U.S. Government Information -- Guide to the tangible Federal Depository Collection : Collection Locations

The KU Libraries services as the Regional Federal Depository for the state of Kansas and has extensive holdings of tangible government publications. This guide describes the collection, locations and access to these documents.

Tangible Collections

The tangible collections include governmnet information distributed in print formats as well as microform and tangible electronic disks.  

Anschutz 1 North

The largest part the print collection is located in Anschutz 1 North and is arranged by SuDoc*:

Most agency publicalations 1910-present.

U.S. Congressional Serial Set vol. 13607 - latest

         Some folios

*Note: some serials and series are shelved by an earlier or later SuDoc number (reflecting changes in agency) instead of the SuDoc number noted in the Monthly Catalog.

Anschutz 1 South Closed Stacks

The closed stacks in Anschutz 1 South includes the following print collections:

Published before 1910 -- inventoried using the 1909 Checklist

United States Congressional Serial Set vol. 1-13606

Congressional Committee Hearings through the 91st Congress, 2nd Session (1970)

Publications for Agencies which no longer exist after 1950s.

Items are retrieved by staff at your request when you provide the SuDoc number.  Ask at the Anschutz 1 South service desk for assistance.

Anschutz 1 South map cases

The T.S. Smith Map Collections located in Anschutz 1 South houses the following:

All depository maps that are stored flat.

Some atlases and folio items.

Some depository maps that are stored folded in filing cabinets.


Ask at the Anschutz 1 South service desk for assistance.

Library Annex

The Library Annex stores large runs of serial and series publications*.   The government publications shelved in the Annex include but is not limited to the following:

Congressional Committee Hearings from the 92nd Congress, 1st Session (1971) - present

Congressional Record (Perm. Ed.) -- all volumes

Many serials titles* included in the following HeinOnline library collections:

U.S. Congressional Documents

U.S. Supreme Court Library

U.S. Federal Agency Documents, Decisions, and Appeals.

Treaties and Agreements Library

Federal Register Library

United States Code (superseded editions)

All items stored in the Library Annex are represent in the KU Online Catalog and are retrieved by placing a "retrieve from shelf" request.  Requested items are generally available by the next business day.  

*Many of the items located in the Library Annex are available electronically in full text copy.

Anschutz 1 North microforms

All depository microfiche is located in Anschutz 1 North microforms.  These items are also represented in the KU Online Catalog.  The catalog records included a General Note: "distributed to depository libraries in microfiche."

Anschutz Reserve

Most items distributed in electronic tangible format (floppy diskett, CDrom, DVD),  and video are located in Anschutz Reserve.  Please ask at the Anschutz 3rd floor service desk for assistance.

Anschutz Reference

A few titles are located in the Anschtuz Reference on the 3rd floor and also the Anschutz 1 North Microforms area.

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