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Resources for the Company and Industry research project for the course entitled Management 498.

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Value Line research center

The Value Line Research Center includes on-line access to Value Line's leading publications covering stocks, mutual funds, options and convertible securities as well as special situation stocks. This service includes full subscriptions to: The Value Line Investment Survey; The Value Line Investment Survey - Small and Mid-Cap Edition; The Value Line Mutual Fund Survey; The Value Line Daily Options Survey; The Value Line Special Situations Service; The Value Line Convertibles Survey; and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

Suggested uses:  Select one of the quick indexes on the left side to access one of the publications noted above.  For example, select the Standard or Plus edition to access the various Ratings and Reports, which will allow users to look industries or companies.  When company information is retrieved, view the results in html format for a more robust display of relevant information, including earnings, industry peers and links to SEC filings.