LA&S 480 - Preparing for International Careers: Finding articles and books

This guide is designed to help students in the LA&S 480 course find resources about international work culture.

Keywords - Selecting the best search terms

Suggestions for search terms

The success of any search depends on the quality of the clues.  By using and combining precise keywords for your search terms, you increase your efficiency and obtain high quality search results.   REMEMBER:  Phrases (of more than one word) should be placed in quotation marks and multiple search terms should be combined using Boolean operators such as AND, OR, NOT.  For example:  "corporate culture" AND China

See list below for examples of useful keywords:

  • business etiquette
  • corporate culture
  • business communication
  • negotiation in business
  • intercultural communication
  • social life and customs
  • cross-cultural orientation

What's a library database?

Suggested databases

Finding articles in a database

Finding books in the library catalog

Find books about any topic by searching in the KU Library Catalog.  Search By: KEYWORD, AND-OR-NOT, or SUBJECT HEADINGS.  Use the search tips below the catalog search box and view the tutorials on this page for hints on how to be an efficient researcher.  See example below: