ECIV 104: Eastern Civilization: Identity, Culture & Society

This guide provides you with supplemental materials to the online course. All information can be accessed via online.

Chinese Fashion

Chinese fashion through different dynasties - Off the Great Wall 6:41

Chinese Food

Street food from Shanghai - CNN 3:23

Chinese Games and Sports

History of China's martial arts - It's History 8:52

Korean Food

An introduction to traditional Korean food/meals - The Korea Foundation 24:12

The history of Kimchi - Arirang Culture 5:27


Korean Games and Sports

Taekkyeon, a traditional Korean martial arts - Unesco 9:38

Ssireum, Korean wrestling - Korea Today 5:30





Japanese Food

The history and evolution of sushi - Begin Japanology NHK World 27:38

Japanese Games and Sports

Japanese Music

Japanese Holidays

A brief introduction to the Oshogatsu, Japanese New Years by the Japanese Cultural Society in Maui - Pure Pacific Network 1:28

Please also visit our library page on Japanese traditional holidays