ECIV 104: Eastern Civilization: Religion

This guide provides you with supplemental materials to the online course. All information can be accessed via online.

Chinese Daoism / Taoism

Lao Tzu, the founder of Daoism / Taoism - The School of Life 5:29

Chinese Christianity

Recent growth in population of Christian follower's in China - New York Times 4:22


Other Chinese Religions

Religions of Korea

A news report on religious harmony in South Korea - Korea Today 6:09


Korean Buddhism

An introduction to Korean Buddhism by the Bongin Temple 14:45










Korean Shamanism

A brief introduction into the world of Shamanism - The Korean Foundation 4:46








Korean Christianity

A history of Catholicism in Korea - Korea Today 11:29



Other Korean Religions

The reality of religious practices in North Korea - Arirang Issue 8:00

Religions of Japan

A brief introduction to the two major religions in Japan: Shinto and Buddhism - Global Nomads Group 3:55

Japanese Buddhism

Explore the Japanese Buddhist Temples - Japanology NHK World 28:00

Sen no Rikyu, teacher and philosopher of Zen Buddhism - The School of Life 5:40

Japanese Shintoism

A program focusing on the Shinto Shrine or Jinja - Japanology NHK World 29:00

Japanese Christianity

A brief history of Christianity/Christians in Japan - Journeyman Pictures 12:22