ECIV 104: Eastern Civilization: Philosophy & Confucianism

This guide provides you with supplemental materials to the online course. All information can be accessed via online.

Chinese Confucianism Videos

Brief clip about Confucius and how he united the country and gave definition to Chinese culture and society for the past 2000 years. - New Tang Dynasty Television 4:28

Exploring actual temples and cemetaries of Confucius - UNESCO 3:07

10 lessons from Confucius' writings - Off the Great Wall 10:04

Confucianism Online Resources

Korean Confucianism Videos

How Confucianism spread and affected Korea - The Korea Foundation 5:05

Neo Confucianism Videos

Neo-Confucianism was created during the Tang Dynasty. It was influenced by Confucianism and attempted to create a more rationalist form of Confucianism philosophy by removing the superstitious elements influenced by Taoism and Buddhism. 

The video focuses on Zhu Xi, one of the masters of Neo-Confucianism. - China Central TV 26:51

Other Chinese Philosophers

7 great philosophers in China, including Confucius, Mencius, Han Feizi, Zhuangzi, Mozi, Xunzi, and Laozi - Off the Great Wall 10:16

Other Chinese Philosophers Online References

Daoism Texts 道家

Legalism Text 法家