IBUS 820 (BIRCH) - Spring 2020: News

This guide is specific to the group research projects for Prof. Birch's IBUS 820 Spring 2020. New content will be added as more questions arise and topics develop.

News Sources

News sources help keep us up to date.  While some news is pushed out for the public to easily access, other news sources are behind pay walls.  Therefore, it is necessary to use licensed databases to access news.  Keep in mind that not all that is published in a news source is equal.  Be aware of the type of content you are reading. For example:

  • investigative reporting
  • current event news reports
  • hot issue updates
  • opinions 
  • paid articles
  • public notices
  • advertising

This section of the guide provides tools and strategies for discovery and access to both US and international news sources.  

Note:  these resources are starting points and should not be the only resources used for your research, analysis and synthesis. 



News Databases

The following databases provide access to multiple news sources around the world.