IBUS 820 (BIRCH) - Spring 2020: General Background Sources

This guide is specific to the group research projects for Prof. Birch's IBUS 820 Spring 2020. New content will be added as more questions arise and topics develop.

General Background Sources

Reference sources, sometimes tertiary sources, are great for background information. This is especially helpful when you are getting started and have the following information needs:

  • getting the big picture
  • generating key words (subject terms, words, phrases, people, events, etc.)
  • establishing common knowledge
  • confirming basic facts
  • identifying additional resources (these are sometimes referred to as primary and secondary sources)

For example, standard encyclopedias and trusted online encyclopedia like content are great for this general background research.  Listed here are some resources selected based on the group topics.

Note:  these resources are starting points and should not be the only resources used for your research, analysis and synthesis. 



Reference Sources

You are likely already using several quick reference tools and other sources that provide background information. For example, Investopedia.com and Wikipedia.  Here are few others you might find useful.