Middle East, Africa, Islamic, and Arabic Studies: Bibliographies

This guide covers primarily the Middle and Near East, languages of the region, and Arabic in North Africa

Middle East/Islamic studies bibliographies

Understanding Islamic Law: Shari'a (2013)

This work by KU Professor Raj Bhala is an extensive bibliography of books and periodical literature on the topic of Islamic (shari'a) Law.

This work exists in book form in the KU Law Library (link to catalog) as well as online full text at: Islamic Law Research (at the KU Law website)

The bibliographic entries are organized according to the following categories:

Muhammad (PBUH) before prophethood (570/571-610 A.D.)

Muhammad (PBUH) as prophet (610-632 A.D.)

Holy quran (610-650 A.D.) : revelation, compilation, and tenets

Caliphs of Mecca and Medina (Rashidun) (632-661 A.D.)

Umayyad Caliphate (661-750 A.D.)

Abbasid Caliphate (750-1258 A.D.)

The crusades (1095-1272 A.D.)

Sunni-Shiite split (632-680 A.D.)

Shiism and its Imams (680-940 A.D.)

Ottoman Turkish empire (11th Century 1923 A.D.)

Moghul Indian empire (1504-1857 A.D.)

Fundamental sources : holy Quran and Sunnah

Secondary sources : [Ijma AND Qiyas]

Controversial additional sources

Five pillars of Islam

Four Sunnite schools of Islamic law

Islam and capitalist economic growth

Property law : ownership and property

Property law : public property, private property, and possession

Property law : protecting and restricting private ownership

Contract law : general principles and contract information

Contract law : types and contracts

Contract law : performance, terms, and remedies

Business associations law : traditional types of partnership

Business associations law : modern partnerships and agricultural ventures

Banking law : risk (Gharar)

Banking law : interest (Riba)

Banking law : legal devices (Hiyal) and the prohibition on interest (Riba)

Finance (Tamweel) : Islamic bonds (Sukuk) and securitization

Finance (Tamweel) : types and risks of Islamic bonds (Sukuk)

Finance (Tamweel) : insurance (Takaful) and money transfers (Hawalah)

Marriage and divorce

Rights of wife

Women and work

Women and clothes

Rearing children



Wills (Wasaya), charitable trusts (Waqfs), and euthanasia

Law of succession

Key concepts

Claims of God (Haqq Allah) : sex crimes

Claims of God (Haqq Allah) : drinking and stealing

Claims of God (Haqq Allah) : converting and religious freedom

Private claims (Haqq adami)

Law of war

Jihad (Struggle)


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