Mandarin Chinese Language Guide: Intermediate

This guide provides supplemental electronic readings and resources for learners of Mandarin Chinese
Resources for Intermediate, hutong

This page provides resources for intermediate students: grammar references, textbooks, readers, dictionaries, comics, audio, video, and HSK information.

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HSK 汉语水平考试 (Chinese Proficiency Test)

HSK Chinese Proficiency Test

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 HSK Tips

From a Successful Level 6 Student:

yufa Study grammar resources
such as those listed in this guide. You must learn the ins and outs of Chinese grammar in order to correctly select ungrammatical sentences on the HSK. Know how to identify 主语(subject)、谓语(predicate)、宾语(object) etc. so you can analyze the structure quickly. Personally, I recommend 现代汉语语法教程/A Course for Mandarin Chinese Grammar. This book was not intended to prepare learners for the HSK and is not even necessarily the best Chinese grammar book. I am partial to it because it helped me a lot and effectively breaks down the structure of Chinese grammar. There are HSK prep grammar books available for purchase through Beijing Language and Culture University Press.

HSK testLearn how the test operates
in order to be successful. It puts emphasis on memorization, not comprehension and original ideas. In the writing portion (included only in upper level HSK), you must rewrite the provided story as identically to the original as possible once it has been removed. Do not summarize or offer any of your own ideas- the goal is to copy from memory. Pay attention to small details like names and numbers. The texts intentionally include many of these; retaining them in your copy of the story improves your score.

shijianTime yourself
with practice tests and learn techniques to improve your time. In the reading portion, first identify whether the text is descriptive or a story. If it is descriptive, go straight to the answers and try to find those in the text- do not read the whole text. If the text is a story, quickly read the story before answering the questions (reading them first may help.)

perspectiveUse a Chinese point of view
because the HSK is heavily influenced by Chinese culture and ideology.
pencilTraining classes are a must
because they provide you with the content of the HSK and help you develop essential testing skills. Based on personal experience, I recommend Beijing Global Village School.

This language guide was created with research and design by KU linguistic anthropology graduate student, Laura Searcy.