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This guide provides supplemental electronic readings and resources for learners of Mandarin Chinese
Mandarin Chinese Language Guide

How to Use This Guide

The purpose of this guide is to provide supplemental readings and media for learning Mandarin Chinese that are either available through University of Kansas Libraries (International Collections on the 5th floor of the Watson Library) or online.

Navigate using the tabs above which roughly correspond to the following courses offered by the Department of East Asian Languages & Cultures (but do deviate as needed):

Beginner: CHIN 100-177
Intermediate: CHIN 204-342
Advanced: CHIN 386-880

Each tab includes textbooks, readers, dictionaries, comics, audio, video, and HSK resources.
Other tabs may be helpful too, such as
character, pinyin, and tone/pronunciation tools in the beginners tab.
There are PDF links for certain textbooks and many links to sample pages as well. A few books listed are not available through KU Libraries due to regulations regarding textbook purchasing but they remain listed as suggestions.

There is also a tab on Cultural Differences to accommodate the language level tabs. It is especially beneficial for those with plans to travel abroad.

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Laoshan green tea

This language guide was created with research and design by KU linguistic anthropology graduate student, Laura Searcy.