Resources for Editors of Scholarly Journals: KU Libraries' Support for Journals

Digital Publishing Services at the University of Kansas Libraries have created this guide to assist those thinking of starting a new journal or working with an existing journal. Contact Marianne Reed ( if you have any questions.

KU Libraries Digital Publishing Services

KU Libraries' Digital Publishing Services

Digital Publishing Services, an initiative of KU Libraries, increases the impact and visibility of the high-quality research of KU faculty, staff and students free of charge through the design, production and online distribution of their scholarship.  Our online open access publishing model follows best practices and standards that are designed to increase the reach and impact of the research, as well as providing long-term stewardship of the material after publication.

We help KU faculty, staff and students turn their scholarship into high-quality open access publications and publish them online:

  • Journals
  • Books
  • Conference proceedings
  • White papers
  • Departmental research publications

Services provided:

  • Support KU editors in starting peer-reviewed online open access journals, including the use of the publication software
  • Help KU editors to transition commercially-published journals to an open access publication model, including the hosting of previously-published issues and articles 
  • Provide layout services to format scholarship for publication on our Journals@KU or KU ScholarWorks platforms
  • Assist KU faculty, staff and students in publishing open access books, conference proceedings and white papers
  • Generate and register DOIs for publications
  • Advise members of the KU community about the benefits of using an Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID) for their publications
  • Help KU scholars explore new and emerging publishing models
  • Monitor and address campus concerns and questions about electronic publishing
  • Maintain the KUEDITORS-L online discussion list for all KU editors
  • Periodically host KU Editors’ Forums open to all KU editors

All services are offered free of charge by KU Libraries Digital Publishing Services.  Please contact Marianne Reed if you are interested in learning more about our services and how they can help KU faculty, staff, and students make their research more visible. 

KUEDITORS-L Discussion List

All KU editors, even those whose journals are not hosted by the Libraries, are invited to join the KUEDITORS-L online discussion list where KU editors can share information.   Contact Marianne Reed for more information.

Digital Publishing Systems

KU Libraries support a variety of software platforms to publish content in different formats, and can assist with moving traditional journal and monograph content to an online environment, as well as with publishing "born-digital" scholarship designed specifically for online publication. We also offer tools to help manage and streamline the production and editorial work involved in producing scholarly journals.

  • KU ScholarWorks is a digital repository for scholarly work created by the faculty and staff of the University of Kansas. KU ScholarWorks makes important research available to a wider audience and helps assure its long-term preservation.
  • Journals@KU supports the publication of scholarly journals online, and assists journal editors with the management, editorial work, and production work involved in producing scholarly journals. Our journal services are built on the Open Journal Systems (OJS) journal management software designed to facilitate online peer-reviewed publishing.

Journals Hosted by KU Libraries

KU Libraries provides KU journal editors with the technical infrastructure to publish their journals on either of two platforms: KU ScholarWorks, KU's institutional repository, which makes journals visible to a wide audience and assures their long term preservation and Open Journals System (OJS), which makes journals visible and assures their preservation, but also supports the entire editorial management workflow, including article submission, multiple rounds of peer-review, and indexing.

A list of the 45 (and growing!) journals published by KU Libraries Digital Publishing Services is available on the Journals@KU page.

Editors’ Forums

Any KU editor is welcome to attend the KU Editors' Forums that are offered periodically by the Libraries' Digital Publishing Services.  These Editors' Forums are a convenient way for any KU editor--not just those affiliated with our journals--to meet face-to-face with other editors to discuss issues of mutual interest concerning publishing.  Contact Marianne Reed at for more information and to be notified about future meetings.

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