International Students' Guide to Research Skills and Using the KU Libraries: KU Libraries

This guide, designed especially for the needs of international students, provides explanations of how to do research using the KU Libraries' resources. It includes links, tutorials, and step-by-step instructions on developing research skills.

What are LibGuides? Help for researchers

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These subject, course and help guides are created and maintained by KU librarians and staff to provide pre-selected and focused research sources, strategies, and support to the KU community.  The recommended guides will help you find the right databases and other resources for your research or course, while providing information about how to find and use our services.  

Access the guides from the Get Help:  Subject & Course Guides link on the KU Libraries home page.  Direct link:  Research Guides


Translations of Library Vocabulary

If you are unfamiliar with some of the terminology you hear while visiting KU Libraries, refer to the link below to find a translation.

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The English language text for each tutorial can be found in the box following these tutorials.

English language text for video tutorials

These documents contain the English language text for each tutorial in the box above.