How to find and download KU's ebooks: Search e-books in the catalog

This guide highlights e-book resources available through the KU Libraries and provides tips on how to search for e-books.

How to find e-books in the library search

E-books can be found in the library search by starting with a overall topic search before narrowing the results by format.  If you are starting from the libraries website enter your topic...



...then, you can narrow your results to only e-books with the Narrow My Results option for Format in the left panel and clicking More options.



Then place a check in the Include column for Ebooks format option and Continue.


PRO TIP: If you are using the advanced library search, make sure you do not limit your initial search by material type (right panel) as this doesn't not include e-books.

How to search for e-books in the library catalog

All e-books including historical sources such as letters, diaries, and pamphlets include records in the catalog with the phrase, electronic books, as a genre heading.  This allows you to limit your search to e-books.

You can combine "electronic books" (use the quotes) with a topic or author when running a simple search on the library catalog.

 Simple search form

Since the electronic books heading is applied to sources covering a wide span of years, you may want to consider limiting the publication date.  See above link "Set Other Search Limits".

How to set search limits

Determine a date range and then click on "Set Limits".  Run your keyword search, e.g. "electronic books" AND chemistry.



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Ask a Librarian

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