Introduction to Contemporary China (EALC 121): Getting Started

Research resources on contemporary China after reform and opening up for the past thirty years in its social, economical, political and cultural changes.

Contemporary China (AP Images)

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Born Under the Red Flag 1976-1997 (pt. 3)

Born under the red China

Born Under the Red Flag 1976-1997, directed by Williams, Sue, in China: A Century in Revolution 3 (Zeitgeist, 1997), 112:50 mins

Born under the Red Flag, 1976-1997 in PBS China A Century of Revolution, part 3 (1:51:51) on YouTube

China's 3 Dreams (Nick Torrens)

China's 3 Dreams : The Missing History of China. Nick Torrens Films. Finding value and meaning in contemporary China. See the full film in KU Kanopy database (1:24:25)

EALC 121: Introduction to Contemporary China (25555)

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Vickie Doll, Librarian for China and Korea Studies

Research resources are for contemporary China since 1978 after the "Economic Reform and Opening Up". Find books, articles, DVDs, news and current events on modern China's politics, economy, society, culture, and everyday life. Focus is on English language materials but Chinese language resources are also listed for future studies.

contemporary china

“Culture is always, in some way or another, the reflection of the historical period in which it is roduced. Thus, contemporary Chinese culture gives us a mirror of what is going on in China at this pivotal stage of interaction between China and the West. We watch Chinese movies, read Chinese literature, buy Chinese art, adopt Chinese influences in the design of our houses and gardens. We look at China and analyse it. But do we see the double layers in Chinese cultural artifacts? Do we understand the symbols in Chinese films? Do we see the value and quality of Chinese art? Do we recognize the age-old traditional influences in contemporary Chinese architecture? Can we really get to the core of it?

Jeanne Boden/Director, ChinaConduct

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