Dissertations and Theses at KU and more: Format status of KU dissertations and theses

This guide indicates what resources to search for digitized and print theses and dissertations written by KU students and resources to search for theses and dissertations

Charts indicating status of KU theses and dissertations by year


Status by year Available in print

**Available online :

All searchable through "Quick Search"

Currently being digitized
1883-1922 Yes-*Annex Yes (KU ScholarWorks) Completed
1923-1931 Yes-Annex & Anschutz -------- Yes
1932-Nov. 2005 Yes-Annex & Anschutz No ***No
Dec. 2005-Current No

Yes (KU ScholarWorks and

ProQuest Dissertations & Theses)

Status by year Available in print Available online Currently being digitized
1883-1922 Yes - *Annex Yes (KU ScholarWorks) Completed
1923-1931 Yes - Annex & Anschutz ------- Yes
1932-1996 Yes - Annex & Anschutz No ***No

Yes until Nov. 2005

No after Nov. 2005

Yes (KU ScholarWorks and

ProQuest Dissertations & Theses)


*Archival copies in the Annex cannot be circulated and are available for use only in the Spencer Research Library.  To request Annex copies, please contact the Libraries' Acquisitions and Resource Sharing Department at illend@ku.edu.

**Online versions are available in ProQuest Dissertations & Theses and/or KU Scholarworks.  Content in both are searchable through Quick Search (Primo).

***A small number of titles have been digitized during this time period.