How to Select and Use Citation Management Tools: Troubleshooting

This guide contains information on different tools that will make citing sources in your papers easier.

EndNote Tools Not Appearing In Word 2016 for Mac

EndNote's Cite-While-You-Write tools not appearing in Word 2016 for Mac

There are several things to try, but this should be fix-able. Check this link from EndNote's Knowledge Base for more information:

(If your EndNote tools are not appearing in Word 2016 for PC, try closing all Microsoft programs and reinstalling EndNote.)


Problems Exporting Citations to EndNote

Problems Exporting Citations to EndNote

1. Problems exporting citations while using Mac Safari browser.

   Possible Solution 1:

  •    EndNote does not work well with Safari. Try using Firefox as your browser instead when you need to download citations.

         (Don't have Firefox? Get it here.

2. Export for citation begins, but then rather than being deposited in the library, EndNote instead attempts to download as a file.

   Possible Solution 1:

  •    Check your browser -- if you are using Safari or Google Chrome, switch to Firefox and then try again.

   Possible Solution 2:

  •    Ensure that your EndNote application file is installed on your hard drive and not a peripheral (such as DropBox).

3. Export for citation appears to begin but then nothing happens.

   Possible Solution 1:

  •    If you are using Internet Explorer, check for pop-up messages along the bottom or top of the screen.

   Possible Solution 2:

  •    End the export, open your EndNote library and click on All References in the top left hand corner. This will "reset"  EndNote if necessary to ensure that you are not trying to download a citation into an open reference. 

EndNote Style Fixers

Are you having trouble with APA style in EndNote?

For example:

  • Article titles aren't in sentence case?
  • In-text citations are including the author's full first name or initial?
  • Second works by the same author are not showing up with the year/letter (2013a, 2013b) format?

Attached above is an EndNote style file that endeavors to fix those problems for you.

Here's how to use it.

  1. With your EndNote library already open, click on the link below to open the file.
  2. The file will open in EndNote.
  3. Click File then Save as and remove the word "Copy" from the filename and replace it with "Stylefix."
  4. Close the style file.
  5. In your EndNote library, switch over to the new style (APA Stylefix). (You may have to click "Select another style" to locate it.)
  6. In your Word document, switch over to the new style. (You may again have to click "Select another style.")

Style-fix files for Vancouver, Turabian, Oxford Author-Date and American Journal of Sociology

Feel free to suggest additions for this collection as well. To use these, follow the same instructions as above.

Problems Syncing with EndNote Web

Problems Syncing with EndNote Web

Possible Solution 1:

Be sure that you are logged in to your EndNote Web account and that the login and password you used on EndNote Web are the same that you used to set up your EndNote Sync preferences. If you're not sure, try changing your password at then, back in your EndNote desktop library, click Edit then Preferences then Sync  (Mac users click EndNoteX7 then Preferences then Sync) and type in the same login and password information in the boxes provided.

Possible Solution 2:

Be sure that you are using a recent version of EndNote. Sync functions are not available on versions of EndNote prior to X6.2. KU grad students, faculty and staff and download version X7 at at no charge.

DOI numbers not included in EndNote citation from Google Scholar

DOI numbers not included in EndNote citation from Google Scholar

Citations imported to EndNote from Google Scholar will not include DOI numbers. In many cases, these Google Scholar citations will also exclude abstracts. Clicking on the title of the item in Google Scholar will jump you out to the actual database in which the item is stored. You may have better luck looking for an Export button in this database and trying to get the citation information there instead. Another approach is to go ahead and use Google Scholar, then deploy EndNote's Find Reference Updates feature to try to bring in the missing information. Here's how:

  1. Right-click (Mac users may need to control+click) on the item in your EndNote library. (To search for updated references on a batch of items, hold down the shift key and click to highlight, then right-click.)
  2. In the menu that pops up, click on Find Reference Updates.
  3. EndNote will search out for reference updates. If it finds one, it will open a box titled Review Available Updates.
  4. In this box, the updated information will be shown on the left, your current information will be shown on the right.
  5. Click Update All Fields or Update Empty Fields, as you prefer then click Save Updates to finish.

Image of the Review Available Updates box

How to stop EndNote from placing long URLs in the bibliography

EndNote and Mac Word 2016 Compatibility

EndNote X7.5 with Word 2016 for Mac compatibility is now available as a free update.

Install from EndNote X7 only:

  1. In your EndNote library, click EndNote from the menu at the top.
  2. Click Check for Updates.

Visit if you still need to get EndNote X7. EndNote is free for KU faculty, staff and graduate students.

Word freezes when adding citations

Easy instructions for bypassing Zotero "bug"

Zotero’s Insert Citation function, in its default setting after installation, will open a red oval-shaped window from which you can search, tweak and then insert your citation. This function may tend to hang* your system, and appears to be resolved only by forcing the program to quit, thereby creating the potential for lost work. You may want to bypass it entirely by setting Zotero to insert citations from its Classic View instead. While clicking the drop-down arrow in the red Zotero oval will open the classic view, to make Classic View a permanent change (and thereby avoid the bugginess), you will need to set it from the Preferences menu of Zotero for Firefox. Here’s how:



* While it will appear to hang your system, and solving the problem often involves a forced quit, what actually happens here is that the red oval window will open behind another window, then disable all other windows while it awaits a response. If you can get to this window, you won't have to force quit. The Classic View box does not appear to behave this way, and therefore may save you some time and trouble.


Zotero "Could not save item" error message

Zotero seems stuck...

Possible symptoms:

  • "Could not save" error (without mention of translator issues)
  • Unable to open folder of citations after working in the tag cloud
  • Zotero seems otherwise unresponsive to clicks

Try clicking on "My Library" and then make another attempt at your task.



Problems Opening the PDF documents

Problems opening PDF documents

Firefox users:

Recent changes in the way Firefox handles Adobe documents may prevent the PDF documents on these pages from loading.

To correct this problem:

1. Click the orange Firefox drop-down arrow in the upper left-hand corner of your Firefox screen

2. In the Applications tab, find Adobe Acrobat Document in the Content Type listing then click on the drop-down arrow in its corresponding Action listing.

3. Change the setting to Use Adobe Acrobat (default). You can change the settings for your other Adobe documents as well. When you are finished, click OK.


4. Return to the original screen and re-load the desired Adobe document. You may need to re-set these settings each time you log on to Firefox.

Zotero tools do not appear in Word

Zotero tools do not appear in Word

If, after installing Zotero, you don’t see your Zotero tools in Word, try closing Word and re-opening. If there are still no tools, close Word and refer to the instructions below.

Be sure that Word is closed when you attempt to install the tools.

Zotero for Firefox users:

Re-install the Word processor plugin from this link:

Zotero Standalone users:

First open your Zotero standalone program, click on the Gear icon, then go to Preferences. Click on the Cite tab then click Reinstall Microsoft Word Add-in. Reopen Word and check for the tools (see below). If the Word tools still do not appear, try returning to the original download page and re-installing your chosen browser extension (


Zotero tools may appear differently in different versions of Word. The images below show the location and appearance of the Zotero tools you should find in Word 2016 for Windows, Word 2016 for Mac, Word 2013 for Windows, Word 2011 for Mac and Word 2010 for Windows.


Zotero ribbon in Word

Zotero ribbon in Word



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