College Readiness Skills and Resources: Primary vs. Secondary Sources

This guide contains resources and tools for high school students, teachers, and librarians related to writing, research and study skills that will help ease the transition to college.

Primary vs. Secondary Sources - Tutorial


Primary vs. Secondary Sources

Primary vs. Secondary Sources infographic

Examples of primary sources include:

  • Diary of Anne Frank - Experiences of a Jewish family during WWII 
  • The Constitution of Canada - Canadian History 
  • A journal article reporting NEW research or findings 
  • Weavings and pottery - Native American history 
  • Plato's Republic - Women in Ancient Greece 

Examples of secondary sources include:

  • A journal/magazine article which interprets or reviews previous findings 
  • A history textbook 
  • A book about the effects of WWI 

 text from Princeton Libraries website:

Finding Sources

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Source Types - Links to additional resource pages

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