Peru: Culture

This guide offers resources in English and Spanish useful for general, historical, scientific, environmental or travel research about Peru. Information is also available about sessions of Field Biology in Amazonian Peru, courses previously offered throug

Important Museums in Peru

Artifacts in the Gold Museum of Peru

Artifacts in the Gold Museum of Peru    (Wikimedia Commons)

Ministry of Culture - Ministerio de Cultura


Famed Peruvian historian

KU holds several books written by the famed Peruvian historian María Rostworowski Tovar de Diez Canseco.  She is known for her publications about the Inca Empire and other ancient cultures in Peru. 

Everyday Life

Archived News Article about Buildings and Architecture -- New archaeological site found


Images from cultural sites in Lima

Inca bottle

Inca. 1300 - 1532 A.D. Imperial Epoch
Aryballo, typical Inca bottle (Museo Larco)

Education in Peru

Peruvian student using a computer

Music & Languages in Peru -- quick link


Building Bridges - How the Inca Leapt Canyons

An Inca suspension bridge in 1877 and the George Washington Bridge over the Hudson.
Engraving, from “Peru: Incidents of Travel and Exploration in the Land of the Incas” by E. George Squier (Harper and Brothers); Angel Franco/The New York Times


 los quipucamayoc

Museum of Natural History - Lima, Peru