Literary Inquisition - China Banned Books Exhibit : Authors

This exhibition was part of the International Area Studies Banned Book Exhibits in fall 2012.


Xiaobo Liu

Xiaobo Liu (刘晓波1955- )

Status: In prison

Nationality: China

Occupation: Writer, political commentator, human rights activist

Awards: 2010 Nobel Peace Prize

Major publications: From TianAnMen Incident to Charter 08, Falling of A Great Power: Memorandum to China, etc

Liu Biography


Xingjian Gao

Xingjian Gao (高行健 1940- )

Status: In exile

Nationality: China (1940-1988), France (1988- )

Occupation: novelist, playwright, critic, translator, screenwriter, director, painter

Awards: 2000 Nobel Prize in Literature

Major Publications:  Soul Mountain, Without -isms, etc

Gao Biography


Congde Feng

Congde Feng (封从德 1967- )

Status: In exile

Major publications: Liu Si Ri Ji



Political - Ethnic Issues

Dalai Lama (达赖喇嘛 1935 - )

Status: In exile

Reign: 1950 - present

Real Name: Tenzin Gyatso (Chinese: 丹增嘉措)

Award: 1989 Norbel Peace Prize

Major Publications: Freedom in Exile: The Autobiography of the Dalai Lama, The World of Tibetan Buddhism,etc.

Dalai Lama Biography


Woeser(唯色 1966 - )

Status: under house arrest

Full name: Tsering Woeser

Occupations: Tibetan activist, blogger, poet and essayist in China

Major Publications: Live Tibet, Notes on Tibet, Forbidden memory. Tibet during the Cultural Revolution, etc.

Woeser Biography


Jian Ma (马建 1953 - )

Status: In exile

Nationality: Chinese

Occupation: Writer

Award: 2002 Thomas Cook Travel Book Award

Major Publications: Red Dust: A Path Through China, Beijing Coma, etc.

Ma Biography

Illegal Religion

Hongzhi Li

Hongzhi Li (李洪志 1951- )

Status: In exile

Residence: United States

Occupation: founder and spiritual master of Falun Gong (or Falun Dafa)

Major Publications: Falong Gong, Zhuan Falun, Hong Yin etc

Li Biography

Ming and Qing Pornographies

Xueqin Cao (曹雪芹 1715 or 1724 — 1763 or 1764)

Occupations: Novelist, poet, philosopher, painter

Major Publication: Hong Long Meng (Shi Tou Ji)

Cao Biography



The Scoffing Scholar of Lanling, pseudonym.

Real Name: at issue

Publication: Jin Ping Mei