Gender & Society in Modern China (EALC 331/578): Books

This course provides a historical overview of transforming gender politics and social life in modern China (1911-present).





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    Can't Find Books on Your Topic?  Some content on a topic can be hidden in small chunks within general works.  For example, there may be a few pages or paragraphs on the rusalki in W. F. Ryan's book Bathhouse At Midnight: An Historical Survey of Magic and Divination in Russia.

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    Author Browse = Lu, Xun (Lu, Xun, 1881-1936)

    Author Browse = Rey Chow 

    Shen, Congwen  see Shen, Congwen, 1902-1988


    Mo, Yan, 1955-

    Yu, Hua, 1960- Hua zhe.


    Ge, You, 1957- 

    Gong, Li, 1965- 


     Zhang, Yimou.

    Jia, Zhangke

    Hou, Xiaoxian

     Subject Headings

    Comedy films --China.
    Feature films --China --Hong Kong.
    Homosexuality in motion pictures
    Motion pictures, Chinese.
    Motion pictures, Chinese --China.
    Motion picture producers and directors --Drama.
    Social problems in motion pictures
    Women in motion pictures

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