ENGL 102: Research: General Interest and Popular Magazines

Guide for students and instructors of English 102 on how to use the library and find resources


This page contains information exploring general interest and popular magazine articles as well as links to citation information, KU Libraries' "Ask a Librarian" instant messenger, and KU Libraries' locations and hours. 

General Interest Magazines

  • Aimed at educated, non-specialized audience.
  • No background knowledge or expertise is assumed about the audience
  • Articles written by journalists, free-lance writers or staff writers
  •  Often sources not cited
  •  Published on a weekly or monthly basis.
  •  Often author’s credentials are not cited
  •  Usually no citations
  •  Contain color advertising/glossy paper
  •  Published by a commercial enterprise or professional organization 

Examples of general interest magazines include National GeographicThe Atlantic, or The Economist

Popular Magazines

  • Almost exclusively for entertainment purposes
  • Sources rarely cited
  • Articles very short
  • Often unsigned or the author’s credentials are not cited
  • No citations
  • Mass appeal to the public
  • Contain color advertising/glossy paper
  • Published by a commercial enterprise 

Examples of popular magazines include GQCosmopolitan, and Sports Illustrated

Citing Sources

Click on these links for writing help and for information on citing sources.

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