ENGL 102: Research: Find Articles

Guide for students and instructors of English 102 on how to use the library and find resources

Searching for Articles

You can find articles from academic journals both on the library shelf (just search for the journal name in the catalog to find the call number and location of the volume you need) or in online databases. KU Libraries subscribes to more than 350 different databases with access to thousands of academic journals. You can choose the Recommended Databases tab for a list of the databases that are useful for most English 102 assignments. This page contains information on finding articles as well as links to citation information, KU Libraries' "Ask a Librarian" instant messenger, and KU Libraries' locations and hours.

Databases vs. the Internet

Library databases or the Internet provide different kinds of sources for research.

  • Library databases contain journal, newspaper, and magazine articles and other published sources.
    • The Libraries pay for access to this information not usually available for free in a Google search.
  • Free Web sources may or may not contain reliable information.
    • For help determining whether Internet information is reliable, visit here

Scholarly journals vs. popular magazines

Scholarly, academic, peer-reviewed journals

  • Written by experts in the field
  • Contain bibliographies
  • Contain field-specific jargon

Popular magazines

  • Written by journalists
  • Typically don’t contain citations
  • Written in everyday language 

Database Searching

Research Help

Ask a Librarian

We can help with your research questions -- contact us by chat, phone, email, text or at a Research Help desk.

Library Info


This page contains information exploring how to successfully locate articles using library databases as well as links to citation information, KU Libraries' "Ask a Librarian" instant messenger, and KU Libraries' locations and hours.