Ceramics of Korea: Viewed from their East Asian and Global Context (HA 362/562/EALC331): Research Help

This research guide provides library resources and assistance to students of this class.

Search terms

How do I search for an object?
1.    Search for time periods: 
- China: Song (宋), Ming(明)
- Korea: Koryŏ(高麗 )/Goryeo, Chosŏn/Joseon(朝鲜)
- Japan: Momoyama(安土桃山), Muromachi(室町), Edo(江戸

2.    Search for pottery type:
- China: Longquan(龙泉/龍泉), Yaozhou(耀州), Yue, Jingdezhen(景德镇), Jian/temmoku(天目), Ding(鼎), Cizhou(磁州窑), Ru(汝窑), etc.
- Korea: celadon(청자/青瓷), punch’ŏng, buncheong(분청사기/粉青沙器)
- Japan: Raku(楽焼), Hagi(萩), Karatsu(唐津), Arita(有田), etc.

3.    Search using general terms such as ceramics; tea bowl; moon jar; green ware; white ware; black ware.

Chronological view of China, Japan, and Korea

Source: http://www.sba.muohio.edu/mis399/Student/Chronological%20View%20of%20Asia%20History.htm