Ukraine: Articles & Databases

This guide provides an introduction to Ukraine and Ukrainian studies at KU, recommending resources about Ukrainian culture, geography, history, art, language, literature, politics, and more.


Articles, Archives & Databases

What's a library database? - tutorial

What's a library database? - tutorial

What is a scholarly journal article?

What Is a Scholarly Journal Article?

Find Articles by Citation

Find Articles by Citation

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Slavic & Eurasian studies databases (English & foreign languages)

Slavic and Eurasian Studies Databases (English & Foreign Languages)

Multi-Subject Databases (Mostly in English).

Multi-Subject Databases (Mostly in English)

To search for articles in many databases simultaneously, go to PRIMO.

State Archives (mostly in Ukrainian)

State Archives

  • Central State Archive of Public Associations and Ukrainians
    The National Archive comprises documents of national importance, political and public associations operating on the territory of Ukraine before 1991 and of independent Ukraine, documents that are cultural and historical heritage of Ukraine, documents about repressed citizens and leadership bodies, etc. Documents of the Communist Party of Ukraine represent the main body of this archive. 

  • Central State Historical Archives of Ukraine in Kyїv 
    The archive consists of documents from various periods of Ukrainian history, dating back to Hetmanate period. The website has a catalogue of the Perish registers, sorted by the churches and their locations, in digital and scanned formats. 

  • Central State Archive for Audiovisual and Electronic Materials
    The materials available in this archive date back to the late 1800s, which hold more than 63,000 film documents, over 390,000 visual documents, and 45,000 sound recordings. They represent Ukrainian historical periods of the 19th-20th centuries. The website is available in Ukrainian language only.

Other Selected Databases

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