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Browsing the Stacks

Call Number Ranges

Just want to browse the stacks for books about Spain, Portugal or Latin America?  Go to these call number ranges in the library. 

Look at the Stacks Map for directions.

Literature - Spanish & Portuguese 

      PQ 6001 - PQ 8929       Spanish

      PQ 9000 - PQ 9999       Portuguese


Linguistics & Philology - Languages

      PC 3801 - PC 3976       Catalan
      PC 4001 - PC 4977       Spanish
      PC 5001 - PC 5498       Portuguese

      PH 5001 - PH 5490       Basque

      PM 3001 - PM 4566       Languages--Mexico & Central America
      PM 5001 - PM 7356       Languages--South America & the West Indies



      DP 1 - DP 402                 History of Spain

      DP 501 - DP (900.22)    History of Portugal

      F 1201 - F 3799              Latin America & Spanish America


Political Institutions and Public Administration

      JL 1200 - JL 1299          Mexico
      JL 1400 - JL 1679          Central America
      JL 1850 - JL 3899          South America

      JN 8101 - JN 8399         Spain

      JN 8423 - JN 8661         Portugal


Local government. Municipal government


      JS 2101 - JS 2143          Mexico
      JS 2145 - JS 2219          Central America
      JS 2300 - JS 2778          South America
      JS 3000 - JS 6949.89    Europe


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Library of Congress Call Numbers

Subject Headings

The Library of Congress Classification System (LC System) is used to organize books in many academic and university libraries throughout the United States and the world. Books on "Spanish literature", can be found under PQ.

The easiest way to find and use the Library of Congress Subject Headings is to start with a Keyword search in the library's online catalog.  Once  a useful resource is found, search the Subject Headings listed on the library record for that item by clicking on it.  Following the headings will lead to other related materials and even more subject headings to search.

The following are just a few examples of numerous subject headings that will help you find books on your topic. When searching the KU Libraries' online catalog, enter the appropriate subject heading in the "Search For" field and select "Search By: Subject Heading."

  • By country and period:
    • Spanish literature-- Classical period, 1500-1700
    • Spanish literature--16th century
    • Mexican literature-- 19th century
  • By genre:
    • Picaresque literature, Spanish
    • Graphic novels--Spain
    • Spanish drama--History and criticism
    • Spanish American poetry
    • Mexican fiction
  • By movement:
    • Romanticism
    • Baroque
    • Generation of 98
  • By individual author's name:
    • Quevedo, Francisco de, 1580-1645
    • Zayas y Sotomayor, María de, 1590-1650
  • By individual literary work:
    • Juana Inés de la Cruz, Sister, 1651-1695. Poems. Selections
    • Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de 1547-1616. Don Quixote
  • Thematic:
    • Plots
    • Women and literature
    • Intertextuality
    • Costa Rica in literature
    • Satire
  • Background information:
    • Spain-- Social life and customs
    • Spain-- Intellectual life-- 18th century
    • Theater and society--Spain--History--17th century