ANTH 177 - How to Find a Lost City: Evaluating Sources

This course guide gathers together tips on research skills and resource materials that may be useful during research for ANTH 177 assignments.

How to quickly evaluate a website

  • Authority - who is behind the website?
  • Bias - is the information biased?
  • Currency - when was the site updated?
  • Documentation - are the sources cited?

WHO IS??? Find out who is really behind a website . . .

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Evaluating Websites

Being frustrated with your computer

Finding reliable information

Evaluating a website's purpose

Wikipedia - What is right and wrong with it?

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Wikipedia may provide accurate background information, but it must be verified and should not be cited as a source.  The bibliographies and related links that follow Wikipedia entries can be very useful and reliable sources that are often appropriate to cite in research papers.

TIPS on using Wikipedia efficiently and wisely - See tutorial below.

Fact Checking

Crash Course - Navigating Digital Information #3

Look to your left. Look to your right. Look at this video. Today, John Green is going to teach you how to read laterally, using multiple tabs in your browser to look stuff up and fact check as you read. Real-time fact-checking can help you figure out what's real and what's not on the internet.  (2019)

Why you can't depend on Wikipedia

Recognizing Fake News