Systematic Reviews: Systematic Review Research Process

Information about conducting systematic reviews for University of Kansas researchers. Information on KU Libraries support for researchers doing systematic reviews.
  1. Define your research question, develop inclusion/exclusion criteria (Slides or Recorded Presentation - 22:44)
  2. Create your team (Ideally, teams include a subject expert, a statistician (if conducting a meta-analysis), a systematic review methods specialists, a librarian) 
  3. Search for related systematic reviews
  4. Write and register your protocol (Slides or Recorded Presentation - 22:11)
  5. Search for studies (Slides or Recorded Presentation - 25:36)
  6. Screen titles and abstracts (Published Guidelines)
  7. Review full-text of studies (apply the inclusion and exclusion criteria)  
  8. Assess the quality of studies (Recorded Presentation - 1:05:55)
  9. Extract and synthesize the data (Published handbook)
  10. Report the findings​


Request a Consultation

Contact a librarian to begin your systematic review project

The participation of a librarian on a research team is recommended or required by CochraneCampbell Collaboration, and the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine.