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This guide provides suggestions on accessing PharmacyLibrary and AccessPharmacy

Direct links to AccessPharmacy and PharmacyLibrary

Direct links to PharmacyLibrary and AccessPharmacy

Please guide your students to these URLs when accessing the databases directly:



The URLs include the proxy prefix which prompts students to log in with their KU Online ID when accessing off campus. 

You can provide direct URLs to textbooks in these sources.  For example: leads to Handbook of Basic Pharmacokinetics.

You can also copy the direct URLs to chapters.  For example:  leads to a chapter from the previous book.    

These URLs include the proxy prefix which allows access from off campus.  Always provide the URLs that include the proxy string in your documentation.

The two tabs above include links to some of the textbooks in each source and highlights other features of the database . 

Feel free to contact me for assistance.

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Ask a Librarian

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