ORCiD: Getting Started

This guide explains what ORCiD is, how it can benefit researchers, and ideas of how to use it.

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What is ORCiD?

  • ORCiD = Open Researcher & Contributor Identifier
  • Your ORCiD record includes your works that you have "claimed" and creates a profile of your scholarly profile that you control
  • ORCiD identifiers are free, unique, and persistent identifiers for individuals
  • DOI for researchers
  • ORCiD reaches across disciplines, national boundaries, and cooperates with other identifier systems (e.g. ResearcherID)
  • Non-profit, scholar-driven organization

Why use ORCiD?

  • Disambiguates individuals. This is especially helpful for people with common names or those who have changed their name.
  • Gives you control of your scholarly profile regardless of name changes, variations of your name in publications, or institution changes
  • Improves the visibility of your work through a scholarly profile controlled by you
  • Required by a growing number of publishers (e.g. Wiley, PLOS, Cambridge University Press, and many others)
  • Required or encouraged by a growing number of funding agencies
  • Saves you time by allowing information to be entered in one place

What is ORCiD?