EAP 111: Information Literacy: Evaluate

This course guide is designed to assist students in EAP 111 with the research process. The guide provides links to helpful information about each of the steps needed to research a topic.


Evaluating research findings infographic

How to Evaluate Resources (the CRAAP Test)

Is Wikipedia a trustworthy source?

Study shows Wikipedia Accuracy is 99.5%


Recognizing Fake News

Fact Checking

Crash Course - Navigating Digital Information #3

Look to your left. Look to your right. Look at this video. Today, John Green is going to teach you how to read laterally, using multiple tabs in your browser to look stuff up and fact check as you read. Real-time fact-checking can help you figure out what's real and what's not on the internet.  (2019)

CRAAP Test - California State University, Chico

CRAAP Test Document

The CRAAP test song