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Information on how to access current newspapers.

Local News

The KU Libraries does not provide access to the website versions of the Lawrence or Kansas City papers, however we do provide access to the print versions. 

Read the latest news from campus from the University of Daily Kansan.

New York Times

  • Lawrence Public Library provides two different types of access to the New York Times. 
    • Unlimited Access: Obtain unlimited access to the paper's website using LPL's WIFI or one of their computers. The WIFI is strong and can be accessed outside of the building. Additional details are available here
    • Limited Access:  Offsite users can experience 72 hours of the NYT website by registering here.   
  • Recent print editions of the NYT can be read through the KU Libraries provided database, Global Newstream

Washington Post

  • Lawrence Public Library provides unlimited access to the Washington Post. Accessing the paper outside of the library requires a library card and pin. 
  • Recent print editions of the Washington Post can be read through the KU Libraries provided database, Global Newstream

Specific Papers

To determine if KU Libraries provides electronic access to a particular newspaper, use the e-journals search which can be found on the "Find" box on the Libraries' homepage. It is best to search with the correct title, but keywords also work. The results indicate which dates the Libraries provide. 


Aggregated Newspapers

Searching for news on a topic, but from no specific paper?  Use one of these aggregated databases.

Wall Street Journal

Ask A Librarian

Ask a Librarian

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Linking to the News

Need help linking to news content provided by the Libraries? Check out the instructions on our Remote Access Page

International News?

Interested in news from around the world? Visit the World Newspapers Guide for information on accessing contemporary and historical news.

Historical American Newspapers

Researching the past? Check out the Historical American Newspapers guide. 

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