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Some research topics that are directly (or even indirectly) related to international business may require you to consider other databases or  resources to use to find relevant information. 

Given the interdisciplinary nature of research, here is a link to a number of other subject guides made available by KU Libraries: 

Please select a topic of interest and use the resource guides displayed under these broad headings. If you have questions or problems, contact me or ask for assistance at any reference desk.  You can also use the ASK A LIBRARIAN service to IM, text, or email a question to the Libraries.

In addition, searching for government-created information can be daunting.  Federal and state agencies, for example, monitor, investigate, and provide a significant amount of information covering a vast number of important subjects of interest to citizens and to legislative, judicial, and executive branches of government. 

There are several portals in existence that provide access to government information, and it may be worth considering these as starting points:

Federal government portals:


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