*East Asian Studies: K-12 East Asian Resources

A few starting points for East Asian studies, and links to China, Japan, and Korea studies.

Multimedia Textbooks

Below are some textbooks from the KU library collection, that include audio recordings to accompany the main text.

Reading about China

Check out the KU library collection which has a great selection of book titles on Chinese language and culture. To find more books, Search the KU library webpage and type in "China", or other related search terms that you are interested in.

Sesame Street in China

Seeing China

Welcome to the China information page for K-12 students and teachers. This page offers a wide range of resources and links to learn about Chinese language and culture. Whether you are planning a trip to China, or simply want to learn more about the country, the links on this page will help deepen your understanding of  the China and its place in the world today.


Knowing China

How much do you know about China? What questions do you have about the country and its people? Find the answers to some of your questions below!

Festivals in China

The traditional Chinese holidays are a distinctive part of Chinese culture and have unique traditions and celebrations in different parts of the country. Check out the links below to learn more.

Resources for Learning Chinese

Finding the right materials can make all the difference in learning Chinese. Take a look at the resources below that can help you learn to read, write, understand and speak Chinese. Most of these resources are free, although some of them require paid subsrciptions.

Cultures in China

Chinese culture is rich and diverse, with a long history that has involved people from many cutlural groups and traditions. Even today there is a wide variety of cultures that exist in China. Read on to discover more about the diversity that exists around the country and the artistic and musical expressions of the people over the ages.

Chinese language programs in China and the US

The language intitutes and training programs shown here have been designed to give students the change to learn Chinese language and culture, often in an intensive immersion experience.

Listen to Masterpieces of Chinese Music

Recommended documentaries

Watching documentaries about China can offer insights into Chinese culture and help you to learn the Chinese language. Below are some documentaries that you may check out from the KU library. If you are interested in browsing Chinese movies, please go to the Chinese Movie Database webpage.

Experience Chinese Art and Music

Most of the resources below are links to museum digital collections where you can view high quality images of Chinese paintings, ceramics, and calligraphy as well as listen to Chinese music, modern and traditional.