In Search of Democracy: Contemporary Social Movements in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan: Hong Kong


Umbrella Revolution or Umbrella Movement, or Occupy Movement occurred in Hong Kong from 26 September to 15 December 2014. The protests began after the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPCSC) issued a decision regarding proposed reforms to the Hong Kong electoral system. The decision was widely[14] seen to be highly restrictive, and tantamount to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)'s pre-screening of the candidates for the Chief Executive of Hong Kong.

Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill Movement, also known as the 2019 Hong Kong protests, or the 2019–2020 Hong Kong protests was a series of demonstrations from 15 March 2019 in response to the introduction by the Hong Kong government of the Fugitive Offenders amendment bill on extradition. It is one of the largest series of demonstrations in the history of Hong Kong, with thousands arrested in violent scenes. The Government declared peace and stability had been restored to Hong Kong with the National Security Law.


The Five Demands of the 2019-2022 Hong Kong Protest: 

  • Full withdrawal of the extradition bill 

  • Retraction of the characterization of protests as "riots" 

  • Release and exoneration of arrested protesters 

  • Establishment of an independent commission of inquiry into police behavior 

  • Resignation of Carrie Lam and universal suffrage for the Legislative Council and the chief executive elections 

2014 The Umbrella Movement



The Umbrella Movement received great reactions online in mainland China, especially among the young generations who showed sympathy towards Hong Kong. However, comments and discussions online about the Umbrella Movement and democracy in China were quickly censored and banned by the police. For example, one song was suddenly banned and became unavailable to access on all music platforms in mainland China, because it was sung by the protesters during the Umbrella Movement. This song is called “Do you hear the people sing” from the 1980 musical Les Misérables. The first verse of the lyric is:  

“Do you hear the people sing? 

Singing a song of angry men? 

It is the music of a people 

Who will not be slaves again!  

When the beating of your heart 

Echoes the beating of the drums 

There is a life about to start 

When tomorrow comes!” 

2019–2020 Hong Kong protests or The Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill Movement