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Primary and Secondary resources on the history of male same-sex relation

General Introduction

Introduction to China's LGBT in 4 minutes

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Transgender In China 跨性别在中国

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Most Influential Gay Stories of Ancient China

This is a five-episode series about well-known male same-sex relations stories from Chinese history.

Episode 1, is about the relationship between Lord Long Yang and King Anxi of Wei in the 3rd century BC

Episode 2, is about the original story behind the Chinese idiom "cut sleeve" which means the homosexual relationship

Episode 3, is about Emperor Wen of Han and his favorite lover Deng Tong

Episode 4, is about the original story behind another Chinese idiom "sharing peach" which also refers to a homosexual relationship

Episode 5, is about Murong Chong and Fu Jian, King of Former Qin


This guide provides resources for students interested in the history of male same-sex relations in China. Some resources are about gender and LGBTQ+ in general, but this LibGuide mainly focuses on male same-sex relations. It is worth pointing out that there is also a great "hidden" tradition of female same-sex relations in China and we can hear more voices from the Lesbian movement in contemporary China now.