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Augusto Roa Bastos

Augusto roa bastos

He is one of the most recognized Paraguayan novelists and short story tellers. He is best known for his work "Yo El Supremo", and in 1989 he was awarded the Premio Miguel de Cervantes, Spanish literature's most prestigious award.

Josefina Plá

Josefina Pla

She was a poet, journalist, and historian and is considered one of the most influential women in Paraguayan culture of the 20th century.

Amelia "Chiquita" Barreto

chiquita barreto

She is a writer mostly know for her novels and poetry. She currently works as a professor at the Universidad del Norte.



This is a traditional Paraguayan embroidered lace. The name comes from Guarani and it means spider-web. They are made for details in clothing, hats, religious ornaments, and all kinds of ornamental items.

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Tereré is a beverage invented by the Guarani indigenous peoples. It consists of an infusion of yerba mate, iced cold waters, and sometimes herbs like mint, eucalyptus, lemon verbena, and more are added to the water. Tereré practices have been around since the Precolonial era.

Art Museums in Paraguay

National Museum of Fine Arts of Asuncion

Museo Nacional de las Bellas Artes

This museum displays over 650 works of art, including paintings, sculptures, ceramics, prints, photographs of Paraguayan and international artists. Located in Asunción.

Museum of Sacred Art

  Museum of Sacred Art , Asunción(+595 21 449 439) , Paraguay

This museum has a collection of sculptures of sacred art of the Hispanic-Guaraní baroque, located in the city of Asunción.