Women's Suffrage Resource Guide: American History Research Guide

Access to primary source materials from the Kenneth Spencer Research Library, American History resources, and selected Women's Suffrage websites.

American History: Getting Started

American History: Getting Started - this guide, compiled by Sara E. Morris, Associate Content Development Librarian, serves as a starting point for conducting American history research at the University of Kansas.

Women’s right to vote, and voting rights, more generally, is discussed throughout American history. Many online resources exist that contain information on these topics. Users are encouraged to search broadly throughout the resources selected here to locate information pertinent to specific topics. A general keyword search is an excellent way to start searching for women's suffrage sources.

Examples of terms that will help retrieve material related to suffrage include: women, voting, voters’ rights, suffrage, 19th Amendment, civic rights, justice, elections, and equal rights. Consider searching by the names of particular individuals and/or organizations such as, “Eleanor Roosevelt” or “Susan B. Anthony.”