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Mintel is a market intelligent agency.  The information products Mintel produces are examples of analyst reports which are business reports that use data to analyze markets, consumers and more. Learn to recognize research/analyst reports and learn what tools to use to find them.

Analyst reports can be credible sources to use as evidence in your business research projects.  These reports are business to business (B2B) information products that provide a third-party evaluation of consumers, products, companies, markets, and industry sectors that impact your business interest.  These reports will vary in content and format, but still have recognizable elements.   

Using Mintel

Introductory Navigation Guide for the Mintel Market Research Database

Step by Step Guide to Accessing the Mintel Report Database

Mintel's licensed database is available through KU Libraries website, To use Mintel you will need to following these steps.

1. Go to

2. Click on "Articles and Databases."


3. Click in "m" for Mintel. Then scroll down and Click on Mintel to open the database. 

OR, click on the browse options to explore the database.

4. Please read the short licensing agreement first check the box to accept the "Conditions of Use" and the agreement and then click on "I accept" to proceed. 

Mintel license

5. Now you can use the database. Tutorials and guides for using the Mintel are included in this guide.


Using the Interactive Databooks

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