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A Guide for “Prospect research” and finding related contextual information using library licensed content and open resources. Note that some resources are specific to two case study topics.

"Prospect Research"

Candid, a leading nonprofit focused on the many aspects of nonprofits, provide the following guidance about "How do I find grants for my nonprofit?".

Finding grants typically begins with "prospect research" - finding out who is most likely to give you money. Funders generally care about:

  • Subject. Is your mission compatible with theirs? Does your program help solve a problem they are passionate about?
  • Population served. Do you help people the funder cares about?
  • Geographic region. Even if the funder isn't located near you, have they given grants to other organizations in your area?

Form 990 and 990PF - IRS Filings

Guides for IRS filing Form 990 (Nonprofits)

Guides for IRS filing Form 990 PF (Private Foundation)

Searching Tools

Industry/Market Overview

Nonprofits General Reference Sources

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