Technical papers: NTIS

Track down technical reports on topics as varied as climate change and rocket propulsion by using a combination of government sites, KU Libraries catalog, and databases.


The National Technical Information Service, NTIS, provides information to help discover scientific and technical research. Agencies with reports in the KU collection include Department of Energy (DOE), Los Alamos National Laboratory (LA), Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), Sandia National Laboratories (SAND), and more.

 Search NTIS to check for online access and citation details. 

NTIS has created an extensive guide to the database: NTIS Database Search Guide.

The KU NTIS collection is filed in microfiche in Anschutz Library according to the Report Number. A pink card filed among the microfiche indicates a document is available in print. NTIS print documents are stored in Anschutz Library near the NASA documents (Feb 2013).


1. Use NTIS advanced search to find a 1964 document titled, Laminar incompressible flow in channels with porous walls.

2. Note the report number or product code, LADC5309.

3. NTIS microfiche is filed Anschutz Library by the lab (LA-DC) then the number (5309).

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