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Overview of research guides related to Slavic and Eurasian Studies


Global & International Studies - Capstone Seminar

Created by Jon Giullian

Image: Physical Political World Map (from Physical Political World Map)

St. George Slaying the Dragon

HIST 117 

Russia, an Introductory History

Created by Jon Giullian

Image: Saint George slaying the dragon (from Holy Russia Exhibition, Musee du Louvre)

Russian artHIST 564 

Medieval Russia

Created by Jon Giullian

Image: Vladimir Monomakh by Ivan Bilibin (from Wikimedia Commons)

REES 110 - Introduction to Russia and Eastern Europe / REES 220 - Societies and Cultures of Eurasia  

Created by Jon Giullian

Image: Map of Eastern Europe (from Maps of Europe)

Introduction to Russian Culture

Created by Jon Giullian

Image: Erik Bulatof, Russian 20th century. 1991 (from Nonconformist Gallery)

SLAV 144

Survey of Russian Literature in Translation (20th century)

Created by Jon Giullian

Image: Б. Пастернак, Л. Брик, В.Маяковскийб С.М.Эйзенштейн (from Wikimedia Commons)

SLAV 148

Introduction to Slavic Folklore

Created by Jon Giullian

Image: Ivan Tsarevich & the Firebird by Boris Vasilevich Zvorykin (from Wikimedia Commons)