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June 2014

Q?rius - Science Education - National Museum of Natural History

Check out the Q?rius- an educational interactive website for users of all ages. Q?rius is a first-of-its-kind interactive and experimental learning space that brings the unique assets of the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History – the science, researchers, and collections – out from behind the scenes. Visitors are invited to be an active and contributing part of this dynamic and engaging community.There are resources and pages specifically direct toward families, teens, and teachers.

Featured Monthly Site

October 2013

National Cyber Secruity Awareness Month

Check out the  FBI Cyber Surf Islands. This interactive flash site for 3rd through 8th grade provides a variety of online activities to make chilren more aware of safety precautions for surfing the web.

Introduction to Children's Websites

1997 Presidential Memorandum  directed federal agencies to expand "access to Internet-based Educational Resources for Children, Teachers, and Parents.”   Since then the offerings available on government as well as public and private organization websites has expanded.  This library guide provides samples of resource available and options for discovery more.  Many of these resources were developed in cooperation with  teachers and are designed to meet educations standards.

These sample educational resources for K-12 are arranged in the following themes.  

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FREE - Federal Registry for Educational Excellence

Do you have other favorites?

We would love to hear about your favorite government resources that you use in your classes, libraries, and homes.  If they fit with the Kansas State Standards, we will consider adding them to this guide for everyone's benefit.  Please submit your suggestions for the Educational Resources for K12 library guide to godort-l@ku.edu .

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Kids.gov the official kids' portal for the U.S. government.

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The Federal Registry for Educational Excellence (FREE) makes it easier to find digital teaching and learning resources created and maintained by the federal government and public and private organizations.