Arabic in Africa: Culture

This guide provides information on selected print and electronic resources for the study and teaching of Arabic language, literature, and culture with particular reference to Arabic spoken by the peoples of the Maghreb and neighboring regions of Africa.

Islamic Calandar

Based on the lunar cycle, the Islamic Calander consists of 354 days begining in 622 A.C.E. - the year the Prophet Muhammad immigrated to Medina from Mecca.

"Adhan" - Call to Prayer

Recited five times per day, the call to prayer beckons Muslims to the mosque.

Arabic Calligraphy

Prior to the printing press, Islamic calligraphy as an art form was used to preseve and protect the integrity of the Qur'an. Islamic Calligraphy is also used to represent God, as the representation of God through images is strictly forbidden within the Islamic Tradition. 

Arabic Keyboard