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Getting Started with Library Policies & Procedures

The Libraries' web content for Library Policies and Procedures consists of five sections; this is public information available to anyone with Internet access (links below take you directly to the public content):

The following sections of this LibGuide provide subject oriented access to the content of Library Policies and Procedures.

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Access to Library Services

Access Policies - Link to index page for the KU Libraries access policies.  This section identifies the requirements for access to library services for KU students, faculty, staff, and affiliates on the Lawrence and Edwards campuses, for KU Medical Center users and their library access on the Lawrence and Edwards campuses, for visiting scholars, and for other library users including those from Haskell Indian Nations University, Kansas residents, and KU Alumni.

The content below outlines categories of access policy information (links to content within this guide):

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Privacy and Confidentiality

"The right to privacy in a library is the right to engage in open inquiry without having the subject of one's interest examined or scrutinized by others."  (Intellectural Freedom Manual, 7th edition, ALA)

"Confidentiality exists when a library is in possession of personally identifiable information about library users and keeps that information private on their behalf." (Intellectural Freedom Manual, 7th edition, ALA)

The KU Libraries' Privacy and Confidentiality policy statement:  It is the Libraries' intent to protect the privacy of each individual's intellectual investigations.  Confidentiality of users' interactions with the Libraries - information concerning use of the Libraries' services and resources - will not be released except upon receipt of a lawfully issued subpoena, search warrant, or other judical order.

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Circulation Policies and Procedures

The Circulation Policies and Procedures section includes detailed information ranging from loan periods, notices from the library, how to use the KU Card in the library, how to acquire a KU Library Borrower Card, overdue fines and lost book charges, recalls and other requests, and renewing and returning library materials.

The following links direct you to the subject categories created for this User Services Student Guide:

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