User Services Student Guide: Music & Dance Library

Orientation manual and materials for Public Service Staff

Music & Dance Library

Collections:  Printed and electronic resources in music history, theory, composition, performance, education, and therapy, and ethnomusicology and dance performance, choreography, production, education, and history.

Call numbers (always check the Library Catalog to confirm shelving locations):  Library of Congress:  GV 1580-1799; M-MT; selected Z as subject appropriate.

Catalog location names (examples only):  Music & Dance Library; Music & Dance Library-Media & Reserve Desk; Music & Dance Library-Circulation Desk; Music & Dance Library-Mixed Media Shelf; Music & Dance Library-Reference (In Library Use Only)

Services:  Library faculty and staff provide a combination of user assistance, circulation, research help, instruction, and collection selection and management services.

Where to return library materials:  Inside library or at the outdoor return located on the east side of Murphy Hall on Summerfield Hall Drive by way of Sunnyside Avenue.

Library name:  The Music & Dance Library is officially known as the Thomas Gorton Music & Dance Library.

Where is the Music & Dance Library?

Murphy Hall, Room 240
1530 Naismith Drive
Lawrence, KS 66045-3103

(785) 864-3496

(785) 864-5310

The Thomas Gorton Music & Dance Library is located on the second floor of Murphy Hall, northeast of Allen Fieldhouse, near the intersection of both 15th and Naismith Drive and Irving Hill Road and Naismith Drive.

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