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Library Research Tutorials & Help

As a student assistant you will be asked a number of questions about how to use library resources.  You will need to familarize yourself with how to use the library web page, online catalog, databases, interlibrary loan, and more so that you can answer these questions.  The link below is a library guide with tutorials and information to help train you in the art of reserach help.  If there is ever a question that you cannot answer please be sure to ask for help from a fellow student assistant, supervisor, or reference librarian.  Never turn away a user without an answer or a lead.

Understanding the LC or Library of Congress Classification

KU Libraries use the Library of Congress or LC classification system to organize the collections. The LC classification system uses a combination of letters and numbers to organize materials by subject.

How to Read LC Call Numbers:

To put items back on the shelf in order according to LC classification be sure to look at each section of the call number.

The different sections of the LC call number represent the subject, author, and date of publication.

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Links to Further Your Understanding of LC Classification

Answering Questions & Making Referrals

Research Help Desks & Librarians