User Services Student Guide: About Your Job...

Orientation manual and materials for Public Service Staff

Work Expectations

Student worker expectations concerning attendance, conduct and work performance.

Please read these closely and consult with your supervisor should you have questions.

Disciplinary Procedures

This document relates to progressive discipline and applies when student workers fail to meet work expectations and/or performance standards.

Welcome KU Libraries Employees!

KU Libraries relies upon the hard work of student employees to provide exceptional service to library users. Your job with KU Libraries User Services is critical to maintaining KU Libraries high service quality and to maintain smooth operations.

Service desk staff and student workers play an essential role in shaping library users' perception of the quality of service. Your active engagement, use of training materials and communication with your supervisor are vital to providing fast, friendly and informed customer service.  

Employment FAQ

Q: When do I get paid?

A: You are paid viea direct deposit every other Friday (bi-weekly cycle).  If you have paycheck questions, check with your supervisor or call 864-8916.

Q: Are there job evaluations?

A: Yes, new student workers are evaluated within four months of employment and annually each spring.  

Q: What about breaks?

A: You must take a 30 minute unpaid break (time out) for any 8 hour shift worked. For each 4 hour shift worked, a 10-15 minute paid break is allowed.

Q: Are we required to work when classes are not in session?

A: You should expect to work between classes but intersession staffing is ultimately decided by your supervisor based on coverage demands.  If you have concerns about this, consult your supervisor well before the class break.

Q: Is there a dress code?

A:  No hats may be worn at the Service Desk (with the exception of religious attire).  No clothing with offensive language or images may be worn at the Service Desk