SciFinder: Troubleshooting

Provides details on registering for SciFinder.

Potential problems

February 2014:

Latest Java update results in structure editor failing to load.

The Java 7 Update 51 (1.7.0_51) can result in SciFinder’s Java-based CAS Structure Editor failing to load or start.

Failure is due to Java update now blocking all Java-based applications from working unless you specifically add (whitelist) a site to the Exception Site List.  Please following the directions on this page  You can also try the non-JAVA search option.

January 2013:

Apple has blocked Java in Macintosh OS X and CAS is considering various options. 

1.  I'm just getting a blank page with Done in the lower corner after logging in.

  • You may need to update your browser.  To learn of SciFinder system recommendations and requirements including Java plug-ins, please consult this site.
  • Note:  CAS is working on compatibility issues with the updated IE 9.0 and Firefox 4.0 browsers.

Do not use Google Chrome!

2.  When I click on Get full text, it doesn't lead me to the sources available at KU or pull up chemport.

  • Make sure your browser allows pop-ups for this site.

3.  What web browsers and operating systems are supported?

Consult for a complete list currently supported.


April 2013:

A recent Java update solved the previous problem.  ACS is creating an alternative structure editor for SciFinder.

They are working to release an alternative to the plugin-based structure editor this summer.

In the interim, if you continue to have issues after updating to the latest Java, they are temporarily offering a downloadable version of their structure editor.  This version has the same drawing capabilities and allows users to create structure queries offline to import to SciFinder.

 July 2013:

SciFinder has implemented a fairly extensive update to their platform.  In the process, Mac users have lost the ability to use Firefox if using the structure editor.  Firefox not playing well with Java is a constant issue.  If a Mac user, you will not be able to use Firefox with the structure editor.  You will need to use Safari.  BUT...

If you are trying to use Safari, and it's just spinning away after clicking on the structure editor, you need to do the following:

  • a.       Go to

    b.      Click on "Test the version of Java your browser is using"

    c.       If it isn’t working, your should get a message that says “inactive plug-in.”

    d.      Click on inactive plug-in and run it.

    e.      Restart Safari.

    If you still have problems, please call CAS at 800-753-4227.


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