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A guide to assist with using ARTstor

Creating a detailed view to save

You may either save the entire image or a detail of it.  To create a detail, open the large view of an image and use the zoom in button to move into the details of the image.  In the lower right corner of your view, you will see a frame of the area that you are zooming.  You may also move this frame to the area you wish to capture.  Once you have the detailed view you want to save, click on the save button to download it.

Download and Save Images

You may download images to your computer or save them in your personal folder in ARTstor.  To do either of these tasks, you will need to register on ARTstor or login. 

Downloading images

 Download: To save images to your computer, double-click on a thumbnail to bring up the large view of the image.  At the bottom of this view, double-click on the save button.  The image and its information will save as two separate files.  After you have saved them, you may  then change the file names as you wish.  

You can find the download size of any image by clicking on the "i" button in the large view or double click on the text under the thumbnail and go to the File Properties tab.  Over 90% of the images in ARTstor are 1024 dpi on the long side and may be used in Power Point.  

Saving images in personal folders

To select images to save in your personal folder, click on each thumbnail to highlight the frame around the image.  Click on the Organize menu tab and go to Save selected images to... > new, existing or recently opened folders.  You may return to this folder or other ones that you have created and saved when you login the next time by going to Organize > Open image group.

Print Images

 Print: To print a single image: in the Image Viewer, click the print icon. If you chose to zoom in on detail when you were viewing the image, this is the view that will print.

To print an image group: first make sure your selected image group is open. Click on Share and choose Print Image Group. You will be given the choice to print the full record or brief record with instructor notes